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  • Workout Plans: test PUSH - PULL - CARDIO workouts provided daily to help you stay on track! You can do anything for 11 days!
  • Meal Preparation/Recipes: Your body needs fuel every couple hours. This 11-day shred provides 6 meal plans daily, protein based snacks, nourishment bowl recipes, and meal replacement shake recipes. 
  • ​Community: Through interaction on social media and our Sunday 8pm EST zoom meetings, we have found great success comes from running with others with similar goals. The power of association!
  • Accountability: Get Access to our membership platform free of cost on the next page to view all the workouts, recipes, nutrition bundles, tips and tricks you need to succeed. 

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Workout Plans

Meal Plans


What is the 11-Day Shred?

The 11-Day Shred has been endorsed by Better Life as our Fitness and nutritional solution. We have found it to be simple to follow and it gives our body what it needs to create our best lives. The 11-Day Shred is a transformation program designed to provide the community and accountability you need to empower your healthy change. 11-day shred isn’t just about weight loss, and neither is this Challenge. Whether your goal is to look better, feel better, eat better, or move better, this is your opportunity to change your life for the better, whatever your goals may be.

Together we can and will create our best lives!

How do I start and complete the 11-day shred? 

The 11-day shred is a simple solution and starts this Monday.  Attend Sunday 8pm EST zoom call so we can connect, answer any questions and establish your WHY? Once your nutrition and meals are ready, you start Monday! Just simply go to the next page, log into the membership platform and access all the information you need. 

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RESULTS From The 11-Day Shred!

Adyana De La Torre-Brucker (FB)

👊🏻 Sometimes you gotta go first.

And leaders lead by example, right?

And this girl happens to love a good challenge 👊🏻💯

😊 Top pics: what I pretty much maintain year round with mindful eating, superfood nutrition, exercise and occasional gluten free treats and wine😉

😁 Bottom: When I decide to buckle down for 11 days and put that same superfood nutrition, and nutritionally supported fasting to the test!

Grateful to be able to do this with my best accountability partner, Nick Brucker!

*Results not typical and will vary.


🤯 Are you serious? That guy on the left was me 11 days ago⁉️
What changes I saw from this 11 day experience...👇🏻👇🏻⁣
☝🏻 First thing is my energy in just the first 2-3 days became CRAZY high! I also noticed my workouts, and my work days haven’t felt this good in a LONG time! Laser focused and productive!⁣
Also, my digestion, and what I crave now feels as if it’s been reset, and I no longer have unwanted cravings. Sleep is also SO much better!! ⁣
I know these results aren’t what everyone will achieve, however Ady and I have been feeding our body with amazing foods, and these nutrient-dense products for over 4 years now and we are costumers for life. ⁣
Four years ago, I think it would have taken me 4-6 weeks to shred up like this, but one thing I’ve NEVER been able to do is keep the muscle on like I have! ⁣
Honestly, even if this wasn’t our business, I’d STILL be sharing this due to the results myself and others we’ve shared this plan with are experiencing! ⁣
Need a jumpstart? Follow our coaching, and give it a shot for 11 days and let’s see if you experience similar! You know we’re to find me. 💪🏻😎
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